Free Online Carving Workshops Series | Classes Via Zoom


LIVE Online Carving Class Series Via Zoom


SAT 5/23 River Stone Carving Class 12 pm-1:30 pm PST/ 3pm- 4:30 pm EST
SAT 5/30 Catch-all Bowl Carving Class 10 am-2:00 pm PST/ 1 pm- 4 pm EST
SAT 6/13 Butter Knife Class 12 pm-2:00 pm PST/ 3pm- 5:00 pm EST
SAT 6/20 Soap Dish 12 pm-2:30 pm PST/ 3pm- 5:30 pm EST
SAT 6/27 Chopsticks and Chopsticks Rest Carving Class 12 pm-2:00 pm PST/ 3pm- 5pm EST

We are so excited to teach everyone! This series is for students wishing to improve their carving skills through advanced demonstration, practice, and critique. We will be live-streaming the class via ZOOM. To participate you will need to download the ZOOM app on your desktop or phone. We will send you a Zoom class link, instructions, what you need, and more via email when purchased. 

Tools you will need:
Wood Blank
Spoon Gouge
Whittling Knife
Wood Finishing Oil

You can also purchase a kit and the blanks for each class on the site here

Example Description of Class

Spoon Carving Class: 
Designer Melanie Abrantes will lead students in hand carving their own wooden spoon using traditional Japanese tools and techniques. The class will start with a discussion of different wood types, an explanation of the tools required, and an overview of the techniques used to cut wood. Once students have acquired a basic understanding, Melanie will lead them in carving the bowl of the spoon with the spoon gouge, then designing and whittling the handle and top of the spoon. When the final design has been reached, students will sand and finish their spoons with an all-natural finish.

    The class will start promptly at the time showed. We will open up the zoom class 15 mins before if you would like to arrive early. 

    **NOTE: To register for more than one class below, please select ONE and click "Add to Cart" then do the same for each subsequent class you wish to take. The system will not allow you to add more than one (1) class at a time to your cart. You will pay once for all the items in your cart. Thank you.