Spoon Carving Workshop


Spoon Carving Class / Winter Schedule

SAT 2/2 1pm-3:30pm SOLD OUT
SAT 2/15 1pm-3:30pm                                                                                         
SAT 2/29 1pm-3:30pm

SAT 3/7 1pm-3:30pm
SAT 3/21 1pm-3:30pm                                                                                        

SAT 4/4 1pm-3:30pm

Designer Melanie Abrantes will lead students in hand carving their own wooden spoon using traditional Japanese tools and techniques. The class will start with a discussion of different wood types, an explanation of the tools required, and an overview of the techniques used to cut wood. Once students have acquired a basic understanding, Melanie will lead them in carving the bowl of the spoon with the spoon gouge, then designing and whittling the handle and top of the spoon. When the final design has been reached, students will sand and finish their spoons with an all-natural finish. All tools will be provided to use during the workshop, with the option of purchasing the tools at a discounted rate to continue your spoon making practice at home!

  • Basswood Spoon blank 
  • Japanese Spoon Gouge 
  • Mikikicha carving knife 
  • Japanese Rasp 
  • Handwritten instructions 
  • Snacks and Drinks

The class will be held at my studio in Oakland! 155 Filbert St. Ste 102 Oakland, CA 94607. Limited seats are available. Please try to arrive 15 mins before the class begins.

Photo Credit: The images on white shot by Melanie Riccardi and Lifestyle images are shot by Nicole Morrison for Etsy