Mel's Carving Club: Starter Tool Set + Subscription!

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We’re sorry! We sold out of the Shinto Rasp. You can still buy the 12mm Gouge and Japanese Carving Knife which are the main the tools you need for MCC. 

Get Our Exclusive 3 monthly subscription and toolset! Perfect for any carver that is just starting!

A subscription-based carving blank will come to your door every month. Each blank includes instructions, wood butter, and sandpaper. Get exclusive access to Carve Along's with Melanie! During each Carve Along, Melanie will show you tips and tricks on how to make your piece perfect. 

Starter Tool Set: 

  • 12mm Japanese Gouge
  • Japanese Carving Knife ( right or left-handed)
  • Shinto Rasp 

3 Month Subscription: 

  • Receive a fun project every month
  • Learn new skills and carving techniques
  • Get exclusive workshops with Melanie
  • Pause or cancel anytime after the first 3 months *

We have designed 12 different blanks for each month! They range from spoons, vases, and bowls to name a few! This was an opportunity to make really fun and unique blanks that I wouldn't normally have on the site. We will announce what you will be making before we ship it but each month will be a surprise! We will let you know what tools we used to make each one and let you know what you def need to create your finished piece!

    Recommended: Carving beginners! They want to learn the art of wood carving and are eager to learn more!

    3 Months: $105 | $35 Monthly (Jan- March) 

    • An exclusive carving blank each month 
    • Wood butter
    • Sandpaper
    • band-aid
    • Exclusive access to new tools 
    • 2 Carve Alongs with Melanie 
    • Access to our Handmade Community! We share pictures, workshops, tips, and more!