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Melanie Abrantes Design

Japanese Brass Pocket Knife

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The double-beveled blade is perfect for getting into tight spaces. Banshu Hamono's 'Blue Steel' Japanese pocket knife, is based on a shape that has not changed since the Meiji period. Created by Motosuke Nagao, a fourth-generation crafter and the last remaining Higonokami master of his generation, the versatile brass knife presents a precious piece of history and craftsmanship. With a handle made from brass and a 'blue steel' aogami blade, the knife embodies the Higonokami's identity as a humble and daily tool, which can be refined and honed at home by users with regular sharpening and polishing. Completely handmade, this large knife may feature some small imperfections — a testament to Nagao's fully hands-on production process.

  • Made in Japan
  • Solid Brass casing
  • Steel blade: 3"
  • 4.25" folded
  • 7" open