Limited-Edition Marais Vase Collection | LARGE


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In every MARAIS vase, the materials- colored glass, cork, and hardwood- combine to create an object that is both art sculpture and functional. Inspired by the natural beauty of the raw material, Abrantes designed each piece to speak for itself.

Each vase is numbered and signed by the designer. 

Approx Size: 4.75" dia x 13" h 

  • Large Marais Vase #1 $650 - £520 Size: 4.5” dia x 13.5” h Material: Bird’s Eye Redwood & Pink Marble Cork Clear Glass
  • Large Marais Vase # 2 $650 - £520 Size: 5” dia x 11.5” h Material: Charcoal Cork & Maple Wood Matte Plum Glass
  • Large Marais Vase #3 $650 - £520 Size: 5” dia x 12” h Material: Charcoal Cork & Buckeye Burl Matte Glass

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| Note that this item is made to order and takes 3 weeks until shipping |