Butter Knife Carving Class



Japanese wood carving is rooted in personal wellness, relaxation, and an age-old meditative tradition of making with your hands. For me, it's the best way to express and channel my creative energy as a designer. I will teach you how to hand carve your own wooden butter knife using traditional Japanese tools and techniques. The class will start with a slow breathing exercise that leads into a discussion of different wood types, an explanation of the tools required, and an overview of the techniques used to cut wood. Once you have a basic understanding, I will guide you through the process of the handle of the piece with the whitting knife, then designing and carving the blade. When the final design has been reached, we will find zen in our creation.

+ Hardwood Butter Knife blank
+ Mikikicha carving knife
+ Japanese Rasp
+ Handwritten instructions
+ Snacks and Drinks


Saturday, February 8- 1pm- 2:30pm 


The class will be held at Melanie Abrantes Designs studio in Oakland, CA.

155 Filbert St Ste 102 | Oakland, CA 94607

Limited seats available. Please try to arrive 15 mins before the class begins.