60 Notable Black-Owned Designer Businesses that we love!

60 Notable Black-Owned Designer Businesses that we love!

The world is not only fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic but also working against the violence and systemic racism towards black people and the community. If you're like me, I am constantly looking to support other small businesses. I compiled a list of 60 Black Artists, Makers, and Designers that are doing amazing work. I wanted a chance to use my platform to promote these artists so you can support them too. 

"If we don't get policies to protect these communities, we will lose a generation of black and brown businesses, which will have deep impacts on our entire country's economy," Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, told the Times.

Check out their work and give them a follow or better support them through buying directly from them! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a limited edition product that will directly support the Black Lives Matter movement! 


Lolly Lolly Ceramics
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Website: https://lolly-lolly.com
Instagram: @lollylollyceramic 


The Art of Fun
​Location: Sacramento, CA
Website: https://www.theartoffun.com/
Instagram: @theartoffun

Jomo Furniture
​Location: Springfield, VA
Website: https://www.jomofurniture.com
Instagram: @jomofurniture

​Location: Queen Village, Philadelphia
Website: https://www.shopyowie.com/
Instagram: @helloyowie

Ron Nicole
​Location: St New York, NY
Website: https://www.ronnicole.com/
Instagram: @iamronnicole

​Location: Portland, United States
Website: https://www.housedogge.com/
Instagram: @housedogge

Aliya Wanek
Location: Oakland, CA
Website: https://aliyawanek.com/
Instagram: @aliyawanek

Pottery by Osa
​Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Website: https://www.potterybyosa.com/
Instagram: @potterybyosa

Tactile Matter
​Location: West Coast
Website: https://www.tactilematter.com/
Instagram: @tactilematter

​Location: Buchanan, NY
Website: https://www.linoto.com/
Instagram: @linotodotcom

Zou Xou
​Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website: https://linktr.ee/zouxoushoes
Instagram: @zouxoushoes

Essie Spice
​Location: Ghana
Website: https://www.essiespice.com/shop
Instagram: @essiespice

​Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: https://linktr.ee/EDAS
Instagram: @__edas

Not Work Related
​Location: Brooklyn
Website: https://www.shopnotworkrelated.com/
Instagram: @notworkrelated_

Thebe Magugu
​Location: Northern Cape Province
Website: https://www.thebemagugu.com/
Instagram: @thebemagugu

​Location: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
Website: https://ceramicmeltdown.com/
Instagram: @ceramicmeltdown

Beads Byaree
​Location: Brooklyn, NY.
Website: https://beadsbyaree.com/
Instagram: @beadsbyaree

Nur Ceramics
​Location: Sahara. California, USA
Website: http://www.nurceramics.com/
Instagram: @nur_ceramics

​Location: Oakland, CA
Website: https://shopmcmullen.com/
Instagram: @shopmcmullen

Tree Fairfax
​Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Website: https://treefairfax.com/
Instagram: @treefairfax

Naked Clay Ceramics
​Location: Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Website: https://linktr.ee/nakedclayceramics
Instagram: @nakedclayceramics

Brother Vellies
​Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: https://brothervellies.com/
Instagram: @brothervellies

Christopher John Rogers
Location: Brooklyn
Website: https://www.net-a-porter.com/ph/en/
Instagram: @christopherjohnrogers

Bolé Road Textiles
​Location: Brooklyn
Website: https://linkin.bio/boleroadtextiles
Instagram: @boleroadtextiles


Utility Objects
​Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Website: https://www.utility-objects.com/
Instagram: @utilityobjects  


Serendipitous Project Jewelry
​Location: New York 
Website: https://serendipitous-project.com/                                              Instagram: @serendipitousproject

Brown Napa Valley
Location: California
Website: https://www.brownestate.com/register
Instagram: @brownestate

​Location: New York
Website: https://miitra-studio.com/
Instagram: @miitraofficial

Qiana Ellis
Website:                                                  Instagram: @_penny_rise_

​Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: https://www.llanealexis.com/
Instagram: @llanealexis

Red Bay Coffee Roasters
​Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Website: https://www.redbaycoffee.com/
Instagram: @redbaycoffee

Lich en
​Location: 131 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11206
Website: https://www.lichennyc.com/

Location: Los Angeles
Website: https://www.jungalow.com/
Instagram: @thejungalow

Studio Artificer
Location: South Shropshire
Website: https://www.studioartificer.com/
Instagram: @isatuhyde

Hana | Wildfang Home
Location: Montreal, Canada
Website: https://wildfanghome.com/

​Location: 360 Saint Jacques St., Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y 2N1
Website: https://linktr.ee/goodeeworld
Instagram: @goodeeworld

Modular by Mensah
​Location: London
Website: http://modularbymensah.com/

Sincerely, Tommy
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website: https://sincerelytommy.com/
Instagram: @sincerelytommy_

For The Culture Club
​Location: Los Angeles, California
Website: https://www.fortheculture.club/links
Instagram: @forthecultureclub

Grain and Knot
Location: London
Website: https://www.grainandknot.com/
Instagram: @grainandknot

Tropico Photo
​Location: Atlanta
Website: http://www.tropicophoto.com/
Instagram: @tropicophoto

Jen Hewett
​Location: San Francisco, California
Website: https://jenhewett.com/
Instagram: @jenhewett

Maya Vivas
​Location: Portland, Oregon
Website: http://www.mayavivas.com/
Instagram: @mayavivas

O N T H E L O O K O U T Jewelry
​Location: Athens, Georgia
Website: https://linktr.ee/onthelookoutjewelry
Instagram: @onthelookoutjewelry

Traveling Miles Studio
​Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Website: http://www.travelingmilesstudio.com/
Instagram: @travelingmilesstudio

Avery Williamson
​Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Website: https://linktr.ee/averywilliamson
Instagram: @aisforavery

Noa Denmon
​Location: Pittsburgh
Website: http://noadenmon.com/
Instagram: @noadenmon

La Basketry
​Location: Regent's Park, London
Website: https://labasketry.com/
Instagram: @labasketry

Thenjiwe Niki
​Location: Johannesburg
Website: https://thenjiwenkosi.com/
Instagram: @thenjiwe_niki_nkosi

​Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: https://octavejewelry.com/collections/ear
Instagram: @octave_jewelry

​Location: Los Angeles
Website: http://offerings.co/
Instagram: @offerings.co

​Location: Cleveland, OH
Website: https://www.ladynoeldesigns.com/
Instagram: @laurenpierce_designs

​Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Website: https://hrvi.tumblr.com/
Instagram: @harvey.b.hrvi

Sabrena Khadija
​Location: New York, United States
Website: https://linktr.ee/sabrenakhadija
Instagram: @sabrenakhadija

Tellefsen ​
Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Website: https://linktr.ee/tellefsenatelier
Instagram: @tellefsenatelier

Paula Champagne ​
Location: Somerville, Massachusetts
Website: http://www.paulachampagne.com/
Instagram: @makerchamp

Lise Silva ​
Location: Oakland, CA
Website: https://www.lisesilva.com/
Instagram: @lisesilva

Les Pieds De Biche
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Website: http://shop.lespiedsdebiche.be/index.php
Instagram: @lespiedsdebiche

Jade Purple Brown
​Location: Bronx, New York
Website: https://jadepurplebrown.com/links/
Instagram: @jadepurplebrown

​Location: Paris, France
Website: https://sacreefrangine.com/
Instagram: @sacree_frangine

Here is a list of places you can also donate to and more how to be Anti-racist:

Black Lives Matter


Courses to Learn about Anti-Racism

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