Here are a couple of our Frequently Asked Questions! If you don't see your question below, feel free to email us a line! You can contact us at hello@melanieabrantes.com!

What is the difference between the beginner carving kit and the original carving kit?

The beginner kit comes with tools that are best for a beginner level and has a slightly different process of carving the spoons. It also comes with smaller tools and 2 smaller blanks so you can practice! The original carving kit comes with more versatile tools that are larger. A gouge and a whittling knife. The video I made for the tutorial also is based off of this kit but since the tools are similar we offer it with the beginner kit as well. I would recommend the original kit if this is something you want to try more of long term and the beginner kit if you would like to try it out for the first time. They are both excellent kits, using high-quality tools! They will be so much fun to use no matter what!

Is cork sustainable? 

Yes! Cork is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly! Our cork is actually the bi-product of the wine industry, making it even more eco-friendly! Being sustainable is something very important to us here at Melanie Abrantes Designs. Don't believe the rumors (from the screw top companies!) of cork trees going extinct, its simply not true! Learn more about cork on our Cork 101 page

Can I plant directly into my cork planter?
Yes, you can plant and water your plants like a ceramic planter. No liner needed! Cork is naturally porous and anti-bacterial which helps not rot the roots of your plants. The cork absorbs the water and acts like a natural drainage making it the perfect home for your plants! With time you will see the natural patina of the water and life of your plant through the cork. 

How do I care for my new cork and wood pieces? 
Keep your new pieces from direct sunlight. Discoloration will happen overtime if left in the sun. Do not wash these pieces in the dishwasher. Hand wash only with warm soapy water and wipe dry. Revive your piece every 6 months (depending on use) by polishing it with a natural wax and oil. You can use our house made wood butter we sell or anything you would normally use to oil your cutting boards.

*excludes our buckeye burl and maple pieces. Those are left unfinished because of its natural beauty. If finished, they will change color.

Do you do wholesale or trade?
Yes, please email me at hello@melanieabrantes.com with the subject line, WHOLESALE or TRADE if interested. You can also find out more here