Best Pieces to Carve for your Favorite Chef

Best Pieces to Carve for your Favorite Chef

Surprise your favorite chef or someone you know who loves working in the kitchen with your own hand carved kitchenware!

Whether you're looking for gifts for a professional chef or a friend who loves to cook, we have the best DIY pieces that you can carve. 

BLANK SETS (no tools included)

DIY Plate Set - $35.00
Includes Rectangular Plate Blank and Cheese/Butter Knife Blank.   

Cooking Utensils Set - $50.00
Includes Cooking Spoon Blank and Cherry Spatula Blank.  

Kitchen Set - $52.00
Includes Coffee Spoon Blank, Regular Spoon Blank, and Cooking Spoon Blank. 

Ultimate Spoon Carving Kit - $250.00
Kit includes 3 Spoon blanks in hardwood 1.5"w x 5"h (bass, cherry & walnut), 15 mm Japanese spoon gouge, Japanese Carving Knife (left or right-handed), Bench Hook with Cork, Canvas Tool Cloth, Mini Panel Z-Saw, Spoon Carving Instructions, Video instructions, Carve Book, Mini Wood Butter, Sandpaper and First Aid On The Go Kit by Welly

Deluxe Spoon Carving Kit - $199.00
Kit includes 3 Spoon blanks (bass, cherry & walnut), 15 mm Japanese Spoon Gouge, Carving Knife (left or right-handed), Mini Panel Z-Saw, Handwritten instructions, Mini Wood Butter, Sandpaper and First Aid On The Go Kit by Welly

Original Spoon Carving Kit - $95.00
Kit includes spoon blank of your choice (bass, poplar, cherry or walnut), 12mm Japanese spoon gouge, Mikikichan carving knife, Spoon Carving Instructions, Video instructions, Mini Wood Butter, Sandpaper and Band-aid

Japanese Beginner Spoon Carving Kit - $89.00
Kit includes 2 Cypress Spoon Blanks, a Gouge, Straight Chisel and Angled Chisel, Handwritten instructions, Video, Mini Wood Butter, Sandpaper and Band-aid

Japanese Bowl Carving Kit - $185.00
Kit includes Bass Wood Bowl blank, 9mm Japanese spoon gouge, 3mm Japanese gouge, 9mm Japanese straight chisel, 12mm Japanese Bowl Gouge, 18mm Japanese Bowl Gouge, Carving Knife, Canvas Tool Roll, Carving Instructions, Mini Wood Butter, Sandpaper and Band-aid

Japanese Knife Carving Kit - $75.00
Kit includes link to video tutorial on how to carve flatware, knife blank of your choice (poplar, cherry, or walnut), Mikikichan carving knife, Instructions, Mini Wood Butter and Bandaid  


New to Carving? Here's our starter guide!