The Best Product for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

The Best Product for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

Looking to add a touch of cosmic charm to your life?

We've got a stellar lineup of goodies perfectly matched to your astrological profile.

Read on to find your cosmic match!


Aries ♈

Mirror DIY Kit

For a fiery nature that loves a challenge! This DIY Mirror Kit will ignite your creative spirit. Crafting your mirror with a whittling knife will satisfy your craving for adventure.


Taurus ♉

Walnut Tall Bud Vase

Taurus, you appreciate the finer things in life. The Walnut Tall Bud Vase exudes timeless elegance, just like you! Its rich tones and minimalist design make it a perfect home for your favorite flowers.


Gemini ♊

Big Bread Board

Ever the versatile soul, you'll find the Big Bread Board equally at home as a cutting board or a chic serving platter – a perfect partner for your ever-evolving culinary adventures.


Cancer ♋

Mini Mesa Tray

Cancer, you're all about creating warm and inviting spaces. Bringing warmth and style to your gatherings is what the Mini Mesa Tray does best. It's like a cozy hug for your home, and it's got your attention to detail written all over it!


Leo ♌

Marais Vase Collection | Solid Hardwood & Glass

Leos, you know how to shine, and so do these Marais vases. Its fusion of glass and hardwood is the perfect blend of art and function!


Virgo ♍

Cork Bolo Canisters

Attention to detail is your thing, right? Well, the Cork Bolo Canisters are crafted to keep your kitchen organized and your inner neat freak happy.


Libra ♎

Natural Cork Bowl

Harmony is your jam, and the Natural Cork Bowl gets it. Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, it's both beautiful and practical!


Scorpio ♏

Pink Marbled Cork Tall Footed Bowl

Intensity and transformation are your allies. The Pink Marbled Cork Tall Footed Bowl, with its striking blend of maple wood and pink cork, adds depth to any space, echoing your power and individuality.


Sagittarius ♐

Carve DIY Tutorial Videos

Adventurous spirit? You bet! Our carving DIY tutorials suit your free-spirited lifestyle. Take on different projects and explore your crafty side!


Capricorn ♑

Carve, A Simple Guide to Whittling Book

Capricorns, "Carve" is your handbook to timeless hobbies! Whittle your way to relaxation while staying grounded in your earthy roots – it's a perfect match.


Aquarius ♒

Natural Cork Hanging Planter

Let your innovative and eco-conscious spirit shine bright! This hanging planter, inspired by vintage designs, blends trendiness with sustainability.


Pisces ♓

Anni Medium Striped Cork Candle Holder

Your creative and dreamy nature thrives in artistic environments. Our Anni candle holder exudes that unique charm that's made for you!


May your purchases be as fabulous as the constellations themselves! Happy cosmic shopping!