The Best 10 Carving Safety Precautions

The Best 10 Carving Safety Precautions

Carving can be really fun if you do it safely! Check out our top 10 Carving Safety Precautions to make sure you carve as safe as possible! Happy carving! 

⚠️ Prepare a First Aid Kit. Always have a first aid kit near by just in case you do cut yourself. Invest in a good first aid box and learn how to treat a cut. We carry our favorite bandage brand, Welly!

Excursion First-Aid Kit by Welly

First Aid On the Go Kit by Welly

⚠️ Use proper tools. Be sure that all woodworking tools are equipped with proper guards to prevent accidents. Use the proper tools for particular project operations and avoid using defective ones immediately. 

High-Quality Tools

⚠️ Keep hand tools sharpened. If your tools are sharp enough, it should not need force in order to carve. Be careful when sharpening and handling tools not to hurt yourself. 

Sharpening Stone

⚠️ Wear Gloves. Though gloves help avoid cuts, never think that if you got a carving glove you will never get cut. You should still carve safely, a stabbing cut will go right through that glove so you must use caution at all times.

Japanese Carving Gloves

⚠️ Bench Hooks. May be bought or made by yourself. Bench Hooks are important in making your project in place when you are carving. This will also help you avoid cuts and wounds throughout the process.
Bench Hook

Make your own Bench Hook

⚠️ Never cut toward yourself. Your free hand should be opposite the side you are carving towards. Always carve or cut in a direction away from you, and keep hands behind the tool. 

⚠️ Always work by pushing the tools away from your body. Never hold the piece in one hand and push the tool with the other. With gouges, always keep two hands on the tool or one hand on the gouge and the other on the mallet. To get into tight areas, turn you work. 

⚠️ If the tool falls, don't try to catch it. Never try to catch a falling chisel or knife, sometimes its important to state the obvious. 

⚠️ Pay attention to the path of the blade. The blade could slip and hit your hand or arm. Think before you cut! If you are new at carving and get in to good habits it will minimize the chances of bad cuts in the future.

⚠️ Do not let minors carve alone. Give them assistance when carving and handling sharp tools to avoid any injuries. Parental supervision is a must!