Cool is everywhere: OAKLAND

Cool is everywhere: OAKLAND

Cool is everywhere: OAKLAND

“Each of its neighborhoods has its own distinct character. For example, there are evidence of the city’s robust past in the glamourous art deco–style buildings downtown. West Oakland has its share of warehouses that are now homes, offices, and studios for artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and startups.” -MICHEL ARNAUD


It was quite nostalgic to be part of a society of artists in this big city, working out my small business and on top of that, being featured in a prestigious book "Cool is Everywhere" authored by an internationally recognized photographer, Michel Arnaud.


This book is 'a photographic survey of the adaptive reuse design movement in America’s coolest cities'. It showcases a collection of repurposed spaces, featuring an intensive collaboration of the past with the present, transformed in its most creative ways. 

I started expanding my interest in crafts while in college, with my wood and cork designs rooted from Portuguese heritage, up to carving out my passions at my studio in California.


This industrial jungle studio I found in Oakland was once a tomato factory around 20th century, with exposed brick walls and big, bright windows. I saw it perfect for my visions and redesigned the place with its industrial vibe fitting to a multipurpose space that I wanted. This wholesome place serves as my office, workshop, stock room, and shipping center, a haven as I work out to grow the company. 


I was amazed as I looked and visited beautiful places with Michel's book! Not to mention the way it was captured and featured by the author and his team is a bliss to the eye. As I picture out a story on how old architectures can be remodeled into a new and adaptive design,  it came to me that it is nice to be able to share these photos. Besides, I totally agree on the idea that cool is everywhere. Indeed, we can learn and create amazing things from the past and reuse it into a trendy environment as fitting to our purpose and goals!

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