Free Carving DIY Tutorials for you to Learn at Home!

Free Carving DIY Tutorials for you to Learn at Home!

This summer we offered free carving DIY tutorials! Check them out and learn to carve the projects at home!



We love this geometric shape! You can use this piece as a small catch-all for the entrance table of your home or bedside table.

Required tools: Japanese Spoon GougeBench HookLimited Edition Octagon Plate Blank


One of our faves are these chopsticks - they're a super easy afternoon project and so satisfying to use! Our blank even comes with a hashioki (chopstick rest) for your finished piece.

Required tools: Mikikichan KnifeBench HookChopsticks Blank


We love this simple shape and project. You can use this to hold something extra special next to your bedside table.

Required tools: Carving Knife, Bench Hook, Spoon Gouge, Limited Edition Oval Plate Blank

3 projects in 1! You can use this to hang on a wall or even your ceiling as decoration!
Required tools: Carving KnifeBench Hook, Shinto RaspLimited Edition Wall Hanging Blank

This is a fun hardwood project! You can use this piece to toss a salad or stir your soups.
Required tools: Carving KnifeBench HookSpoon GougeLimited Double Spoon Blank

Forget the straight lines and sharp edges; this project is all about personality and carefree carving. Use your finished rock as a paperweight or a fun decorative object!
Required tools: Carving KnifeBench HookStone Blank

Our last project of the summer is a camping knife and fork! You'll finish with your own flatware to bring on your next camping trip!
Required tools: Carving KnifeJapanese Spoon GougeVice Table Clamp, Flatware Blank (Knife Only)

Happy Carving!!!