Holiday Gift Guide: Mindfulness Holiday Gift Guide: Mindfulness

Holiday Gift Guide: Mindfulness

By Melanie Abrantes

Holiday Gift Guide: Mindfulness Holiday Gift Guide: Mindfulness
Everyone needs down time, but few of us take it. Since lockdown started in the Bay Area and beyond, many of us are reevaluating our habits, creating space for self care and practicing new skills. 
Learning carving is a fabulous way to cultivate a creative practice that connects body and mind. It is a hobby that requires attention to detail, repetitive motions, and time to settle into the process. Check out our selection of carving projects and home accessories that will help you unwind and rejuvenate. 
What's more relaxing than sitting back and whittling? Carving a wooden pipe and using it afterwards! 
Pipe blank
Cherry - $25.00
Walnut - $25.00
Light some candles and chill out at home. 
Fancy Candle Tapers by The Floral Society
Clay 6" - $21.00
Petal 10" - $25.00
Parchment 10" - $25.00
Our hardwood candle holders are the perfect way to display your holiday candles, and bring light to your table.
6" Hardwood Candle Holder
Cherry - $65.00
Maple - $65.00
Our globe incense holder will help ground you when you light an incense stick and take some time for yourself. 
Incense Burner Globe
The Cork Smoke Dish is the perfect spot to hold dried sage or your favorite smoking pipe.
Marble Cork Smoke Dish
The Japanese Beginner Kit is one of our favorites for new carvers, it provides a wonderful balance of learning new hand skills and letting your mind rest and rejuvenate. 
Japanese Beginner Spoon Carving Kit