Holiday Gift Guide: Set the Table

Holiday Gift Guide: Set the Table

With folks staying at home and creating small intentional gatherings with a few friends or family members, now is the time to up your decoration game. Rustic wood-based handmade items will bring the outside in, elevating your dinners or mini holiday party. Enjoy our list of favorite pieces to spice up your table. 


Our larger Marais Vases are sure to make a statement in any home. You can ask a local florist to design a bouquet or pickup flowers from the farmers market. The choices are endless and the result will be a jaw-dropper. 

Limited-Edition Marais Vase Collection | XLARGE
Extra Large Marais Vase #1 - $1,050.00
Extra Large Marais Vase #2 - $1,050.00
Extra Large Marais Vase #3 - $950.00
Extra Large Marais Vase ONLY GLASS - $850.00

We love the classic tapered candles that the Floral Society makes. They come in beautiful colors that will make your table top pop. 

12” Tapered Candle Sy The Floral Society
Clay - $10.00
Petal - $10.00
Parchment - $10.00

Our cork and wood petite candlesticks are the perfect way to bring warmth and light to your table and home. Compatible with both tapered or tealight candles.

Petite Cork + Wood Candlestick
Straight - $52.00
Beaded - $52.00

A very simple but elegant way of making a beautiful table scape is this trio of Tall and Wide Vases. I use them on my own kitchen table at home and my guests (pre-covid) love them! 

Walnut Tall & Wide Vase
Maple Tall & Wide Vase
Cherry Tall & Wide Vase

An eco-friendly way of keeping your champagne chilled is by using our Cork and Wine coolers. Cork is naturally insulating and will keep your beverage cool for up to 4 hours. Although, we know it will be finished by then ;) 

Cork Wine Cooler
Charcoal Cork + Walnut - $110.00
Natural Cork + Walnut - $110.00

Our petite Marais Vases will make a beautiful display on your table, add a few seasonal flowers to spruce them up. 

Marais Vase Collection | PETIT
Marsha Vase - $175.00
Malala Vase - $175.00
Ruth Vase - $175.00
Frida Vase - $190.00
Michelle Vase - $190.00

As a decorative element or a functional piece our favorite Pedestal Bowl will effortlessly tie together any space. Made of pure maple wood and pink cork, these bowls are anti-bacterial and represent the power a single piece can bring to a room. 

Pink Marbled Cork Tall Footed Bowl