How to Use a Furoshiki

How to Use a Furoshiki

Furoshiki: Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is commonly used for gift wrap and transporting goods. These cloths embody our belief in reusing and extending the life of goods. 

Furoshiki Gift Wrap by See Design


Donna Gorman of See Design makes beautiful hand-painted designs and we love to use her cloths as furoshiki, bandanas and more!

These 100% cotton cloths come in four beautiful colors, each with a unique, minimalist design - and can be used to transport goods, wrap gifts, or tie into a bandana or scarf!


I think these cloths make every gift so much prettier too! Buy them individually or get the whole set and save.

Watch 5 ways to style your furoshiki!

Watch 5 Ways to Style a Furoshiki! 


+ check out Link Collective's guide here on furoshiki tying techniques!