Visit us and Take a Carving Workshop!

Visit us and Take a Carving Workshop!

Using traditional Japanese tools in this wooden spoon carving class, you will learn how to design, carve and hollow out the bowl of the spoon. As well as sand and finish the piece. It's a fun class and easy for anyone to learn. The best part is you get to leave the class with your very own custom creation. All supplies, a 15 mm spoon gouge and Mikikicha carving knife, are included and will go home with you. This workshop is ideal for adults and also appropriate for kids (10+)

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Not in the bay area? That's okay! You can easily learn how to carve a spoon using one of our simple carving kits! Comes with tools, blank, and video instructions! 

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Worried about being a first-time spoon carver? Read Jody Hollis' testimonial as her experience as a student in a class in Victoria, Canada. 

"I have never done any woodworking and I don’t consider myself creative so I was excited to see if I would indeed leave the 3 hour workshop with my own custom created spoon that looked anything like the beautiful pictures posted about the workshop.I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I have an amazing afternoon hanging out with some fun people but I did create a beautiful wooden spoon. Who would have thought! For someone like me who probably will never be considered artsy or creative, I never felt uncomfortable or like I didn’t belong in the environment.I felt excited, interested and grateful that I had the opportunity to do something new and really out of the box for me. I have to give kudos to the teacher of the workshop, Melanie Abrantes for her patience, as I am sure I asked 1000 questions. I was so nervous that I might cut off my finger with the Japanese tools or that I may be the only failure to come out of the workshop, it made me overly inquisitive. Melanie was so cute, lovely and helpful as she answered all my questions with a lightness in her tone that put me at ease and made the learning experience relaxed and enjoyable." From Jody's blog,

Melanie Abrantes Designs loves to teache workshops and produce events. She also teaches private classes from 5-10 students for wood carving and spoon carving in her studio in Oakland, CA or remotely at different locations. Please contact her at if you or your company are interested in any of these services.