Favorite things to do in Berlin, Germany for Designers

Favorite things to do in Berlin, Germany for Designers

Last month I traveled to Berlin, Germany to visit a close friend. Berlin has been on my radar for a while but I really wasn't sure what to expect! I was blown away by everything it had to offer, including amazing restaurants, museums, shops and more. I had so much fun visiting this city and wanted to share my favorite places! If you go visit I highly suggest checking out all the amazing things on this list. Enjoy!

Take a look at my top Berlin spots!


Cafe Camaleon
@cafecamaleon | www.cafecamaleon.com  

Have lunch or dinner in style at Cafe Camaleon. It is connected to the über cool Camper Hotel (yes, the shoe company)! We enjoyed a simple yet delicious Iberian ham dish with eggs and fries that you must try! 



Tinys Pizza x Piccolo Giardino
@tinys_pizza | www.tinys.world

We had a drink outside at Tinys at sunset and enjoyed the romantic ambience of their outdoor patio. 



Braun-Sammlung Ettel Museum für Design

I enjoyed this museum so much. This was a private collection of Ettel's, who was a design teacher most of his life and loved Germany design company Braun. I chatted with him for a bit and loved when he said, "I loved art and design so much. I couldn't afford a Picasso, but I could afford a Braun!" I couldn't agree more!


Michelberger Hotel

I was lucky enough to stay at this beautiful hotel while I was in Berlin. They have amazing cocktails and unique loft-like rooms. If you stay during the winter time their sauna is open for guest use! Such an amazing perk!


Markthalle Neun

This market was packed with amazing and delicious food from all over Europe. We enjoyed a truffle dish with handmade pasta and a refreshing spritz.


Haus am Waldsee

This museum is an off-the-beaten-path haven for design lovers. We saw a really fun experimental furniture design show, and they also have a lovely cafe where you can grab a cake and wine to enjoy on their patio.



James Turrell Lichtinstallation

You can't miss this amazing light show designed by world-famous artist James Turrell. You sit in absolute silence for an hour as the lights change hues. Normally it would drive me crazy to sit still for that long, but I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful changing lights! 



Hallesches Haus - General Store, Lunchroom & Event Space
@hallescheshaus | hallescheshaus.com

This gorgeous mixed-use dining hall, shop and event space was one of my favorites. The food was delicious but I enjoyed the shop so much! They had a range of indie designers from all over the world. I highly recommend a visit here! 



Enjoyed these recs? See my full itinerary and list of places I visited on my Google Maps page below.