New to Carving? Here's our starter guide!

New to Carving? Here's our starter guide!

Hello everyone! 

Since Quarantine started in the Bay Area and beyond, a lot of people finally have the time to try those hobbies they have always been curious about. In other words, you guys are loving carving! We are happy to help in this department, as we sell some of the best Japanese Carving tools for you to try. We even started a woodcarving hashtag on social media #carvinginquarantine so you can share all of your pictures and join in our whittle community. :)

Now, if this is a new hobby you have been wanting to start but are intimidated by the options I would suggest going through our starter guide here and choosing the kit that works best for you. We will begin from easiest to most advanced. As always, feel free to shoot me a question or email if you need further help! You can send us a message here.

Carve, A Simple Guide to Whittling, $16

Let's first start off with my book, Carve A Simple Guide to Whittling. For a steal at $16 (author autographed too! 😉), this compact little book is jam-packed with 12 fun afternoon carving projects or even a long weekend project. Carve modernizes a mindful hobby that people have turned to for generations to help them slow down, relax, and connect with the outdoors. You will get an in-depth understanding of not only how to carve a spoon but also how to sharpen your tools, make our amazing wood butter, and have a better understanding of carving as a life-long hobby. It's a great way to start your practice and get a better understanding of the hobby you're interested in. 

Japanese Beginner Carving Kit, $89

This kit is for anyone that is curious about carving and is not sure where to start. Our beginner kit comes with everything you need to dip your toes in and also continue your carving practice if you so desire. The tools are a little more compact than the Orginal Spoon Carving Kit, which makes it great for traveling to your next camping adventure. 

Beginner Kit Includes:
+ 2 Cypress Spoon Blanks ( 1"w x 4"h)
+ A Gouge, Straight Chisel and Angled Chisel
+ DIY Carving Instructions + Video
+ Mini Wood Butter
+ Sandpaper
+ Band-aid (ya know, just in case)

Original Spoon Carving Kit, $95

Our Orginal Spoon Carving Kit is an OG for a reason. This kit is a little more versatile than the Beginner Kit and is the one recommended to get with our book, Carve. The reason why is because it comes with a Japanese spoon gouge AND an amazing whittling knife. You can do a lot more than just carve spoons with this set-up, including making spatulas, animal figurines, or plates. The list goes on but pretty much every project I share in the book. We also just added sandpaper to this guy so you don't need to venture out to the hardware store any longer to get those pesky sheets. Its a great afternoon project and comes with a simple video to show you how to use the tools correctly and safely. What more can you ask for?

Original Kit Includes:
+ Spoon blank of your choice of hardwood 1.5"w x 5"h (bass, poplar, cherry or walnut)
+ 10.5 mm Japanese spoon gouge
+ Mikikicha carving knife
+ Spoon Carving Instructions & video instructions
+ Mini Wood Butter
+ Sandpaper: 80, 150, 220
+ Band-aid (ya know, just in case)

The Deluxe Kit Spoon Carving Kit with Rasp and Saw, $199

This kit is for anyone that wants to start with a robust beginning to their new carving hobby! It comes with everything in the original kit plus two extra hardwood blanks, a Shinto rasp (my favorite for helping out with that pesky end grain) and a Mini Panel-Z Saw for making more blanks in your future. It is a great way to begin your carving hobby and last much more than one project! 

Deluxe Kit Includes:
+ 1 bass, 1 cherry, & 1 walnut spoon blank 
+ Japanese Spoon Gouge 
+ Carving Knife 
+ Shinto Rasp 
+ Mini Panel Z-Saw 
+ Spoon Carving Instructions + Video
+ Mini Wood Butter 
+ Sandpaper: 80, 150, 220
+ Bandaid (ya know, just in case)

The Ultimate Spoon Carving Kit with Book, Bench Hook and More, $250

Go big and carve at home! This kit is even more JAM PACKED than our deluxe kit with a signed copy of our book Carve, a tool roll to keep all of your beautiful new tools and a bench hook to keep your fingers and your table safe! We love the ultimate kit and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about starting their carving practice. It is at a high price point, but you get everything you would need to make beautiful spoons for you and all your loved ones. I hope you told everyone they are getting a spoon for the holidays because you will be non-stop making spoons until you don't know what to do with them! :) 

Ultimate Kit Includes:

+ Spoon Carving Kit and extra blanks: 
+ 1 bass, 1 walnut, 1 cherry spoon blank 
+ 10 mm Japanese Spoon Gouge 
+ Carving Knife 
+ Handwritten instructions 
+ Mini Wood Butter
+ Sandpaper: 80, 150, 220
+ Bandaid (ya know, just in case) 
+ Shinto Rasp
+ Mini Panel Z-Saw                                                                                 
+ Carving Book "Carving A Simple Guide to Whittling"                                   
+ Bench Hook                                                                                                   
+ Canvas Tool Roll    

Bench Hook, $20 

Honorable Mentions:

Here are a couple of honorable mentions I think you should have in your tool kit no matter what level you're at. We look far and wide for the best tools we can offer you and we think these guys are worth an add to cart. 

The Bench Hook (Pictured above) will help you in securing your project down and out of the way of your hands (and table). It overall will assist you to keep a safer practice.

Shinto Saw Rasp is an AMAZING tool for helping rough out edges and tackling the end grain on a block of wood. It has a rougher side and finer side which is great for making sure you're taking out just enough material.  I recommend this for when using hardwoods. 

Japanese Carving Knife is stronger and tougher than the Mikikichan Knife that comes with your Orginal Kit. Made with two different steals, this knife stays sharper longer and is great for cutting those harder woods. 

Carve DIY Tutorial Videos, is an easy purchase. Each one is short and sweet at around 1-2 mins long. You have a choice of 3 Projects: A Spoon Carving DIY, Fork and Knife DIY, and the River Stone DIY.