River Stone Carving Kit


Using traditional Japanese tools, this wooden river stone carving kit will teach you how to design and carve a wooden river stone. It’s a fun afternoon project and easy for anyone to learn. The best part is that you get to finish and keep your very own custom creation. All supplies, a Mikikicha carving knife, wood stone blank and instructions are included. This kit is ideal for adults and children under direct supervision.

Kit Includes: 
+ NEW Link to video tutorial on how to carve river stone + carving techniques (the link will be sent after purchase) 
+ Unique Stone blank of your choice of hardwood (bass, buckeye, or cherry) 
+ Mikikicha carving knife 
+ Instructions 
+ Mini Wood Butter 
+ Bandaid (ya know, just in case)

Melanie teaches classes too! Check out her website to find out more. Carving Workshop: http://www.melanieabrantes.com/workshop-events/#/spoon-carving-workshop/