Carving Chisel Guided Sharpening Stone


This sharpening stone has pre-shaped grooves and hills which are useful for sharpening u-gouges and v-gouges. If you need your spoon chisels to be sharpened. Pre-cut using your own chisel into the exact shape of the groove. From there The flat side on the back of the stone can be used to sharpen straight blades. Perfect for sharpening your own knives and carving tools if you do not have access to a shop.

The stone should be soaked with water before use and stored dry when finished. Do not let the stone sit in water, it should only have emerged in water before use. 

Grit: 1000 grit
Size: 6" L x  2 1/2" W x  1/2" H
Made in Japan.

How to sharpen

1. Please only wet with water before sharpening. 
2. Place it on a wet towel for prevent slipping.
4. How to sharpen
(Double bevel)
 sharpen one side 10-15 times, then the other side 10-15 times. with the same angle, with the same power. The angle is 15 degrees. If the gouge doesnt appear to fit slowly cut the shape of exact tool as you sharpen. 
(Single bevel)
At first, sharpen the front side 10-15 times.
Next, sharpen backside while pulling the knife a few times for removing the burr.