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Combination Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000 grit/3000 grit

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A  Suehiro Combination Sharpening Stone (1000/3000 gritstone) is useful for sharpening pocket knives, carving chisels, and gardening tools.

This Double sided water stone is from one of the finest manufacturers of sharpening stones in Japan, Suehiro. The standard 1000 grit side is for sharpening, while the fine 3000 grit side is for finishing. There are a number of ways to sharpen knives and tools, but water stones are the preferred method because the user has absolute control during the sharpening process. Japanese whetstones, in particular, are said to produce a finer edge than North American stones due to the unique bonding process of the stone during manufacturing.  

The stone should be soaked with water before use and stored dry when finished.

Size: 5" length x 1.5" w x 1" h

Made in Japan


How to sharpen

1. Please soak in water enough before sharpening.  
2. Put it on a wet towel to prevent slipping.
3. Just sharpen with the water on the stone which appears when you sharpen without washing it away.  
4. How to sharpen
(Double bevel)  sharpen one side 10-15 times, then the other side 10-15 times. with the same angle, with the same power. The angle is 15 degrees.
(Single bevel)  At first, sharpen the front side 10-15 times.
Next, sharpen the backside while pulling the knife a few times for removing the burr.