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Melanie Abrantes Designs

First Aid On The Go Kit by Welly

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We all know to keep a bandaid close by while carving! We are huge fans of Welly bandages here in the studio for that reason! They are even what we include in our carving kits when you get a boo-boo! Not only are these bandages so fun to look at and put on, they also are incredibly durable and well made. 

Small enough to bring along with you for any carving adventure, this handy kit is filled with bandages, antibiotic ointments, and hand sanitizer to treat falls, bumps, and scratches in a pinch.

  • 18 brightly colored flex fabric bandages in two sizes
  • 3 triple single use antibiotic ointments and 3 single use hand sanitizers
  • This compact tin is the perfect travel companion
  • Latex free