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Melanie Abrantes Design

Japanese 3 Piece Large Bowl Tool Set

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Using traditional Japanese tools, this wooden bowl carving set comes with the tools to design, carve, and hollow out a bowl. This toolset is our largest tools we offer and can make a big project go much faster with these sharp tools. It's a fun afternoon project and easy for anyone to learn. The best part is that you get to finish and keep your very own custom creation. All supplies, Straight Chisel 18mm, Straight Gouge, 21mm, Bowl Gouge 21mm are included. Perfect for your next big bowl or spoon! 

This kit is ideal for adults and children under direct supervision. These tools are great if you would like to continue carving more projects other than spoons after.

Bowl Carving Toolset Includes:

Straight Chisel 18mm

Straight Gouge, 21mm

Bowl Gouge 21mm


Dimension: 9.5" H x 4.5" W x 1" D


* This set does NOT come with a blank or instructions.