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Melanie Abrantes Designs

Spatula Carving Blank

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Type of Wood

Use this blank to carve your very own Spatula for your kitchen. Blanks come in around 2 different wood options, each with a unique look and finish. We have separated the types of wood into levels of carving difficulty based on how hard or soft their grain is.

Easy: Poplar - light wood with green flecks when left unfinished. Finishes a deep yellow with a green undertone.

Medium: Cherry - a somewhat pink color when left unfinished. Finishes as a deep red.

Hard: Walnut - Light brown to medium brown when left unfinished. Finishes as a deep brown.

Size: 13"L x 2.75" w
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tools needed: Carving Knife, Sandpaper and Wood butter for finishing. (not included with blank)