Swallow Bird Kit


This beautiful and elegant swallow bird kit is the perfect weekend project. All you need is your own knife to whittle and shape the bird blank! The kit provides everything else! 

This kit comes with a cedar wood bird blank and metal stand to display your piece. You can also paint your bird with the Acrylic Black Gouache provided. We like to admire our finished piece on the shelf of our home. Swallows are known to bring happiness and luck to a household. We love knowing this piece can represent so much more once finished and keep your loved ones safe! 

Swallow Bird Kit:
  • Cedar swallow bird blank
  • Black gouache paint
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Metals and Wood stand
  • Instructions
  • Sandpaper

Materials: Cedar Wood, Metal, Acrylic Gouache

This Kit is made in Japan. 

Tools you need to carve your swallow: Carving Knife  or Mikikichan Knife